The Latest In EdTech Trends: 70 Resources Roundup


Trying to keep up with the latest in EdTech trends? Discover all the latest news happening in EdTech with this roundup post. And if you’re still getting up to speed in this area, also check out the post: 7 Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2014.

    1. MOOCs

    2. Universities Rethinking Their Use of Massive Online Courses
    3. The Real Revolution in Online Education Isn’t MOOCs
    4. Moocs ‘will not transform education’, says FutureLearn chief
    5. Disrupting and Transforming the University
    6. Weekly Trend: The MOOC Revolution Changes Shape
    7. MOOC U: The Revolution Isn’t Over
    8. edX turns attention to high school MOOCs
    9. Why Free Online Classes Are Still the Future of Education
    10. Online Learning is Just as Effective as Traditional Education, According to a New MIT Study
    11. Invasion of the MOOCs: The Promise and Perils of Massive Open Online Courses (eBook)

Big Data

    1. Big Data MOOC Research Breakthrough: Learning Activities Lead to Achievement
    2. Big data and education: the power of transformation
    3. Can Universities Use Data to Fix What Ails the Lecture?
    4. Big Data: An Evolution in Higher Education’s Technology Landscape
    5. Can Data Analytics Make Teachers Better Educators?
    6. Education is the Next Great Opportunity for Big Data
    7. The Modern Classroom: Students, Teachers and Data-Driven Education
    8. The Mathematics of Effectiveness
    9. Empower Teachers with Data and They Can Spark Change
    10. The Coming Big Data Education Revolution

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