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Finding a state grammar school

Counties such as Kent or Buckinghamshire are ‘selective authorities’ and most families will have at least one grammar school close to where they live. Elsewhere, for example in Reading or Kingston-on-Thames, there are just one or two grammar schools and competition for places at these is ferocious. How to find a state grammar school  

Catchment area cheat

Anxious parents are willing to lie, cheat, and even change their religion to get their offspring into the right school. With the financial crisis in full swing, the soaring cost of living and independent schools pricing themselves out of the market, catchment area frenzy, to secure a place in top state schools, is gripping the

Schools for children with performing arts talents

As proud parents, we all know our children are unique. They’re smarter than anyone else’s, funnier, certainly more attractive, better behaved and above all bursting with the kind of talent that would leave Daniel Radcliffe or Charlotte Church standing. And sometimes, just sometimes, parental pride is justified. Many Harry Styles and Billie Piper wannabes grow up and

Special educational needs introduction

Some special needs are easy to spot, others are only determined once a child has experienced considerable difficulties, frustrations or social and emotional problems. Over the years, diagnosis of and provision for SEN have improved, but both can still be a minefield. Identifying different kinds of special educational needs Few children fit a condition perfectly