10 Finance Hacks For College Students


Cash-strapped college students need to watch every penny they have and luckily there are a lot of great new ways to do just that. This article will give you 10 tips for how to make the most of new devices, apps, and strategies that will stretch your dollar, organize your wallet, and plan your finances. With the latest technology available, it’s quick and easy to set yourself up to monitor your spending on a daily basis.  Here are some recommendations:


1) Make the Most of Rewards Cards

Students who are savvy about rewards will end up getting back for every dollar that they give out. Before doling out hundreds of dollars on textbooks at the start of the semester, pay attention to how you’re paying for them. If you pay with a rewards credit card you could receive airline miles in return that might help fund your spring break getaway, other credit cards offer cash back for certain types of purchases. Check out annual review lists such as the NerdWallet’s Best Rewards Credit Cards, Spring 2014.


Aside from credit cards, there are also loyalty programs available for nearly every retailer and many restaurants, nail salons, etc. Ask about rewards programs at stores, coffee shops, and restaurants that you frequent so you can cash in on some of the benefits of being a regular.

2) Use One Card to Rule Them All!


Organize your wallet and your life by combining all of those rewards cards onto one device – an actual credit card that holds multiple credit, loyalty, membership, and gift cards in one.  You can scroll through your stored cards, click the button, and swipe away for any purchase. Right now there are two contenders in this space. Coin and Wallaby. You can sign up to take part in Wallaby’s beta program, or pre-order a Coin card for $50 -half the price they’ll be charging when they officially launch. Coin cards will ship this summer.


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